Introducing the ultimate package: 3D + Video + 360° at one place

Now you get a ultimate package for your ultimate showcase:

Now Video is added to 3D and 360°, plus 3 more new features

The option of adding Video as a tab to your showcase all related videos wraps up all of your presentations. On top of that, you get:

  1. Moving light that dramatically catches all eyes.
  2. Template 3D tab and menu colors according to your website.
  3. Auto ideal camera rotation.

On top those, here are some enhancements to what you had before:

  1. The annotation and custom coloring dialog box got much better.
  2. Two more camera rig is added.
  3. Almost all of the elements are now responsive.
  4. and also 7% of the code was changed to pave the ground for the next version, 404, which will be yet another game changer.

>> Showcase with us and bring a smile to the faces of your customers.

Happy 3D with Design and Business

Services: 3D
Location: GTA
Date: پنج‌شنبه, دسامبر 28, 2023