What inspired us to help you succeed?

The concept of 3D your Business came from a professor who said the new "visual" generation will soon start purchasing online, the same gamer generation. We decided to emerge our design skills with our programming skills to make it usable on any device for anybody.

We are committed to bringing you our best professional expertise in 3D, business, information technology, and computers so that you rest with a top-quality high-tech solution to focus on what matters most: The Success of Your Business.

- Arash Kharabi,
  B.S.c in Computer Engineering,
  MCSE 4, N+I, CCNA grad.   President
  Design And Business

Today's world is moving at a tremendous speed in terms of technology. We would take you from still images and photos of objects and people to a world where objects and people become three-dimensional - 3D - and can be seen from all angles.

You can put whatever you want in 3D in front of the customers of your business in the best way by using our services. The door to your success, brilliance, and introduction to today's and tomorrow’s business world is waiting to be opened in a different and eye-catching way and, we are here to help.

Parva Ebrahimi - General Manager
- Parva Ebrahimi,
  General Director
  3D Modeler
  Design And Business

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