What Feature would you like us to add?

As we made a promise to you and all our customers, we are adding at least one new major feature in every season of a year. Your input and feedback get implemented so your business goes even farther.

So, what feature would you like us to add?

3D audio, annotation and highlight successfully added! Next is coming!

Yes, it is well done! Now every 3D has its parts with live animation, audio, annotation, and highlights. Try it yourself, just click on them and enjoy.

we decided to add at least one major feature every season, stay tuned in autumn!

After surpassing all competitors, we are now constantly adding more features that no one has. Right now we have listed even 8 more new features to come!

Version 3.7 with 68% more compression on 1 July

Introducing even more compression

The new version 3.7 will be introduced on 1 July 2023, bringing the most compression so far, between 68% to 85%!!! With this yet another leap, your assets would be loaded at light speed on any device. The progress of being the pioneer will never end.

3D customization and Partner's portal added

On May 2023, we added two features: 3D easy customization and Partner's portal.

Now clients are able to create every customization to their 3D scene using a very easy, simple, and self-explanatory form within a few minutes and then paste the code in DIV on their own website. This will allow them to become as much creative as they want to. We have also embedded a default to the form for their reference.

Live Interactive Animation added

Do you want to show your product piece by piece or wave your hands?

Yes, we have successfully added 3D Live Interactive Animation to all of the variants since Feb 2023. Now every object of a variant can be animated beautifully and professionally. This feature includes all products, offices, avatars, and businesses. We are setting the bar higher and higher.

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