3D customization and Partner's portal added

On May 2023, we added two features: 3D easy customization and Partner's portal.

Now clients are able to create every customization to their 3D scene using a very easy, simple, and self-explanatory form within a few minutes and then paste the code in DIV on their own website. This will allow them to become as much creative as they want to. We have also embedded a default to the form for their reference.

Partners also got a new live online portal that they can support their own accounts and clients, and also do search and filter the list of clients, and also see their own share of sales, all transparent. This secure portal needs special access and authorization. If you are our partner and have not got our email or call regarding this feature, please contact us.

Services: 3D
Location: GTA
Date: Monday, May 29, 2023