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Everyday with God Book Cover design had DOs and Don'ts!

Book cover is always a challenge: different but conservative design is needed

When it comes to figure God, it is even more complicated! Nothing should go above it, nothing should go over or interfere with it, it should be the top mark of the layout, it should be white, soft, calm, safe and..., it should be touchy, and the most difficult part is doing a design that gets the approval of a ministry as well as believers...

Project Information:
5.5"x8.5" . glossy 10lbt on hard cover . fold with thickness

Cry! Superb idea emerges graphic and article into an unforgetable picture!

"Briliant Design" B.G. a senior graphic designder said once he saw this! He won't forget this, will you?

 A great layout is the one which places the right text in meaningful space of a graphic and vice-versa! Look at this article: Cry, but the text is in a right place or the graphic is or both?

Project Information:
11"x8.5" . Glossy

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