Why Design for your Business?

You may well ask yourself, “Why should I hire a professional for my graphic design services and not do it myself?” If you find yourself thinking: “I do have a good eye for design and my brother has the New Adobe Design suite...” or worse, “Word has a great selection of design templates to work from!” be sure to consider ALL this before you do:

  • If you launch your business into the market with a low quality designs and logo from an inexperienced graphic designer you will undoubtedly be perceived as a low quality brand who may produce low quality services or products. This is not the time to cut corners. It is vital to get it right from the start and build your brand on solid foundations from which it can grow and develop successfully.
  • On the other hand, if you do not respect and care on what you put forward to your clients then you would look at yourself or your product with the same attitude in reverse: no respect and no care!
  • A professional graphic designer has enough skills, creativity, knowledge and experience to produce the quality designs you need for you business: font, colour, usage conditions, idea and its impact on people, etc.

As an example a logo’s color on the screen is RGB which will be seen differently than print which is CMYK. Printing a flyer is different than a newspaper. A friendly business needs a san serif font, and outdoor banners in orange and yellow would be more visible than blue or gray; and all these requires a professional creative people to put your design on top of your competitors. One more example that you have experienced it many times already: Have you ever seen a commercial ad that really sucks and another one that inspires? This could be the same on yours vs. a pro's design, couldn't it?

Your business, whatever it is, deserves a pro look and foundation to last.

Design And Business
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